FORUM RULES - Please read before posting

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FORUM RULES - Please read before posting

Post by Admin on Fri Apr 04, 2008 1:04 am


General Rules

1. Be yourself. Your opinion (except for non-tolerated behavior)

2. No cursing, no insulting. Please respect one another and each others opinion.

3. Post original topics

4. No double post. Using the Search function before making a post to ensure there are no duplicate posts

5. Post should be relevant. No off-topic please. Posting in the correct forums.

6. Make your post easy to understand. Avoid text (sms) type of posting.

7. This forum is used to exchange relevant information. Keep the argument clean and logical.

8. Do not over quote

9. Respect privacy

10. No solicitations

11. No spamming, no flooding or any form alike.

12. No PORN!

13. No harassments online. Report to the admin/moderators if an instant exist. This will be dealt seriously.

14. Please keep attached pictures small so it would be easy to load.

15. GSM Pilipinas doesn't guarantee credibility or identity of our forum members. Please make an effort to double check the background of any person before making a deal with them.GSM Pilipinas will not be held liable to any emotional, physical, financial or in any form of damages in these personal dealings.

16. A "Thank You" if a post has been helpful to you

17. Political or religion posts or talks are allowed in moderation! No arguing, just respect others opinions (not allowed conspiracy theories, plots, assassination plans, etc..!)

18. Racism, sexism are not allowed!!

19. Don't use ALL CAPS or whatever Case in your posts, if it is intended to offend someone!

20. Helping out others, especially new members.

21. Each forum member may have only one account (username).

* violators will receive a warning from the Admin/moderators.
Three warnings before a ban will be made.
Ban may be temporary or permanent depending on the offense.

Note: we reserve the rights to make any modification/change in our forum rules at any time, so keep coming back to keep yourself updated.

Thanks and Enjoy our Forum.

Site Admin,
GSM Pilipinas


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